August’s Sunday Social: CVBeats, Flipit, & New Releases

Welcome to this month’s Sunday Social I’m Mr Shift and let’s get straight into the episode.

  • CVBeats – Koala sampler, open sessions and more!
  • Exclusive Interview with last month’s Flipit winner and a live performance.
  • August’s Flipit Battle – Are you ready?
  • NEW MUSIC! – We finally let out Bruce!
  • What comes next.. – A sneak peek into the future.

CV – Beats

Thank you to everyone who came down to the first CVBeats session!  Mark your calendars, for our next in-person session is set for 26th August at the LTB Showrooms!

I’m also hosting an online session next Sunday at 14.00 for those who can’t make it. Want in? Join our discord community!

Agenda for August’s session

This month, we’re diving deep into the Koala Sampler. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, join us to explore or flaunt your sample-based production skills.

Flip it

Exclusive interview with last month’s winner!

In our last #FlipIt battle we saw Nanjing Lu take the vote and win our first flip it competition!

I had the pleasure of discussing his musical journey, inspirations, and life as a full-time musician.

Live performance

Thanks again to Nanjing Lu for winning and here is an exclusive performance of the actual beat live!

August’s Battle!

But that’s not all. The battle continues! This month’s sample is a rare gem – an unreleased track from the 1978 Dawn of the Dead soundtrack, “Mask of Death.” Check it out on Instagram and get flipping! Remember to send in your entries by 27th August, 19.00 BST. Tag or DM me to participate.

New Music Alert!

The wait is over! “The F’n Bruce” drops tomorrow on all major platforms. For audiophiles seeking high-quality downloads, head over to my Bandcamp and name your price!

If you’re around, join me at Dhillons Brewery on Friday, August 18th, from 19.00, where I’ll be playing The F’n Bruce and more, showcasing my new direction!

The next stage

Starting August 20th, I’m launching a dedicated platform for all my non-music ventures, including upcoming events. If you’ve been with me over the years, you know how passionate I am about content creation. With Mr Shift, I’ve found my groove. And guess what? It’s all about doing what I love.

Stay tuned for some exciting announcements next Sunday, especially if you’re a Cyberpunk aficionado.

Calling all musicians, DJs and performers!

Calling all musicians, DJs, and performers in the West Midlands or Coventry Area – let’s collaborate on some groundbreaking projects!

Get in touch!

Let’s wrap this up

And remember, this Sunday, everything changes. Stay connected, and let’s embark on this new journey together.

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