Six Months of CVBeats: Celebrating Coventry’s Beat Club

CVBeats, known as The Coventry Beat Club, marks its six-month anniversary on December 16th, as a cornerstone for local music producers and enthusiasts. Meeting every last Saturday of the month at the LTB Showrooms, this community has become a vibrant hub for musical exchange and collaboration.

A Community for Music Producers and Enthusiasts

Since July, CVBeats has offered producers and musicians a unique space to meet, chat, and immerse themselves in music. The vibe is creativity, fostering both formal and informal discussions about music, equipment, and production techniques.

The Coventry Beat Club

Digital Platforms for Continuous Engagement

The community thrives online as well, with active Discord and WhatsApp groups. These platforms have been instrumental in maintaining the momentum of CVBeats, allowing members to stay connected, share ideas, and collaborate remotely.

Innovative Projects and Learning Opportunities

CVBeats has been a launchpad for exciting projects like FLIPIT, a monthly sample series on Instagram. Looking ahead, the community is gearing up for “Silent Soundtracks.”

Past sessions have covered topics like Koala Sampler, synthesizer sequencing, and performance tips, providing invaluable learning experiences.

Collaborations and Special Events

The past six months have seen collaborations and special events, including Memberberries Sessions at the LTB building. These events have not only enriched the community’s skill set but also brought musical perspectives under one roof.


As CVBeats celebrates this milestone, it stands as a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and continuous learning in shaping Coventry’s music scene.

We’ll have even more to show in the coming weeks, so make sure you don’t miss out on our next session. December 16th at LTB Showrooms, Coventry.

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