Sunday Social Live! | 16 July 2023

00:00 Show starts soon | 04:49 Show Start | 08:14 Flip It Finalists | 19:07 New Song – F’n Bruce | 21:53 CVBeats | 24:54 What’s NEXT!

Welcome to the Sunday social the new monthly show from Mr Shift, live on YouTube!

This month I go over:

  • what’s happening with the Sunday Social
  • upcoming DJ sets
  • new events and music
  • the first #FlipIt sample battle final!

#FlipIt finals

Our finalists for the first #FlipIt sample challenge are!

You can vote now on who wins (Votes close July 28) and the results will be shared at my upcoming #CVBeats event.


Godiva Festival – 1 July 2023

Covsauce – 8 July 2023

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