The Sunday Social, CVBeats, and more! | Talking Shift – August 2023

The Hot TLDR ????

  • #CVBeats – Online and offline sessions!
  • Our first #FlipIT winner announced!
  • The next Sunday Social!
  • Upcoming events.
  • A little sneak peek of something cool coming up. ????

CVBeats: The first of many to come!

Our first CVBeats meetup was a success, and it’s all because of you! Massive thanks to the LTB team for making us feel right at home.

We had some great chats about samplers, dawless workflows, and getting back into the music production through collaboration. Highlight of the day was showing off the MPC one workflow and demoing the Koala sampler*, the perfect starting point for anyone new to sample-based music.

* Koala Sampler is also the potential topic for our next session later this month.

Miss out on the fun? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more in store, I’m hosting an online session on Sunday, August 20th. Want to get involved?

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Join the Mr Shift Discord! I’ll put more details out closer to the time but keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram for more updates!

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Nanjing Lu wins the first #FlipIt battle!

Congratulations to Nanjing Lu for winning the first #FlipIt competition I’ll be speaking with Nanjing in the coming weeks about his journey as a musician and how they approach music production.

You can check our Nanjing and PunchandPies songs over on Instagram!

Now when’s the next #FlipIt battle you ask????

Keep scrolling my friend…..

Mr Shifts Sunday Social – LIVE!

The next Sunday Social will be live on YouTube, August 13th at 15.00 BST!

Topics for this month will be:

  • the next FLIPIT Battle!
  • upcoming events
  • and what comes next for 2023 and beyond.

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Live Acts: Show Us What You’ve Got

I’m excited to announce that I’m looking to add more live music to the Sunday Socials and beyond. ????

If you want to get involved in future opportunities with the Sunday Social and other events/broadcasts just reply and get in touch!

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Upcoming Events: Mark Your Calendars

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up so save those dates! ????

  • Full Fat DJ – August 18th
  • Sunday Social – August 13th
  • ????? – ?????
  • CVBeats – August 26th
  • ???? – September 23rd
  • ??? – October 28th

More information about upcoming events

Something’s Coming: Keep Your Eyes Peeled

I’ve got a little something up my sleeve. Can’t reveal too much as the bots are doing their thing, but trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

Can you break the code? – ”Time machine’s ready for us. Cosmic game is set”

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