CVLT Cuts Vol II Is Out Now

Blessed all, i’m proud to announce CVLT Cuts Vol II is out NOW this LP features nine unique cuts from this year so far!

CVLT Cuts always has a specific focus and this time around is no different this volume focuses on the SP404. Since i’ve found my footing with the legendary sampler it’s been non stop. Enjoy the cuts and as always any feedback let me know!

CVLT Cuts Vol II – The Tracklist:

As is tradition. To keep things simple, the track names are as straightforward as they come:

  1. CVLT Cut I
  2. CVLT Cut II
  3. CVLT Cut III
  4. CVLT Cut IV
  5. CVLT Cut V
  6. CVLT Cut VI
  7. CVLT Cut VII
  8. CVLT Cut VIII
  9. CVLT Cut IX

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