Presave Now: ‘CVLT Cuts Vol I’ Drops on October 27th

Blessed! I am happy to announce, CVLT Cuts Vol I! This EP features six unique tracks that have been simmering in the lab for a while and are now ready to take the stage on October 27th.

CVLT Cuts Vol I: What the hell is this?

With CVLT Cuts, each volume will have a specific focus. After extensive use of Koala Sampler, it felt like the perfect fit for this venture. This volume of CVLT Cuts is the result of my deep dive into the world of Koala Sampler, and with its latest update, it was the perfect opportunity to bring these tracks to life.

All of these tracks showcase unique flavours, and as further volumes are released, we’ll witness an evolution in the EPs and the development of my sound. (FYI, Volume II is going to be heavy!)

The Tracklist:

To keep things simple and in line with the theme, the track names are as straightforward as they come:

  1. CVLT Cut I
  2. CVLT Cut II
  3. CVLT Cut III
  4. CVLT Cut IV
  5. CVLT Cut V
  6. CVLT Cut VI

Presave Now!

Be among the first to add CVLT Cuts Vol I to your playlist. Simply click the link below to presave now and ensure you don’t miss the October 27th release.

Presave CVLT Cuts Vol I Now

Don’t Miss the La Horla Collective’s Halloween Special Saturday, October 28th!

Join me on Saturday, October 28th, for a special live performance at La Horla Collective’s Halloween Special, held at the LTB Showrooms in Coventry. I’ll be showcasing a fresh live set inspired by Samhain and the Occult.

Remember the show starts at 7.00PM so you can also enjoy the musical talents of Pandora Craig and Horla!

In addition to the music, there will be a visual treat for your eyes, with Jonny Nicholds Art and Alan_a_art showcasing their captivating work.

It promises to be a night filled with music and art, making it the perfect way to cap off a week of celebrating “CVLT Cuts Vol I.” See you there!

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